Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rescued - pt 1

This was one of the pieces that I managed to snag during "Winnipeg's Free Weekend". I still can't believe my luck!

I drove past it on my way to R's house, but didn't have time to stop. I figured that it would be gone by the time I returned from our Costco trip and much to my surprise, it was still there. The fact that I already had two chairs in my car didn’t stop me from trying to get the cabinet in there as well. After a few minutes, the lady who had put it out on the curb came out and offered to hold it for me. (I know…leave it to me to have trash put on hold…) Anyway, R and I returned in his truck a few hours later and it was mine!

The radio itself isn’t functional, so I’ve filled the space with a tiny collage that includes a piece of the original numbered glass. I kept the knobs, though, because they just look so darn cute. Other than that, it's pretty much in the condition that I found it in.

Yay me!

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