Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Faves – The Shark Floor Steamer

If I am Ginger Rogers, then this is my Fred Astaire. It twirls, it glides, it gets my kitchen floors sparkling clean…ok, maybe it’s *better* than Fred. I mean, I don’t recall any Fred & Ginger routines that involved house-cleaning. I can only assume, given the time, that Mr Astaire didn’t do floors.

I heart my Shark. Not only is it easy to use, it’s actually kinda fun. As you push it around the floor, the back & forth action pumps the pressurized steam out through the soft, washable cleaning pad.

The best thing about my Shark floor steamer, though, is that it uses plain ol’ tap water. No soaps, detergents, chemicals…nothing. You just fill it up, plug it in and in 30 seconds you’re ready to go. Easy peasy…and because it uses steam to clean, and not water, the floor is dry in just a minute or so. Gone are the days of screaming “Get off the wet floor! I just mopped that!”

The Shark also comes with a 25 foot cord and is safe for all types of floors (even hardwood). There’s also a “carpet refresher” thingy, which I have yet to try.